Basketball Games – The Basics

basketball basics

As with any other sporting activity that is apprehended, there are many things involved, starting with the time spent and ending with the practice. All these are applied as well to learning basketball game that should begin with knowing the basics. But in this type of sporting activity there are not that many aspects to remember, 4 of them being counted as the main ones. Properly knowing them will enable you know the moves on the court and what exactly is important for each position to be held for a successful performance.

Let’s see which these basics are:

  • Team – this one should have 12 players (wearing uniforms) with only 5 of them playing on the court. The players can be traded but only the timer stops. The basketball regulations always require for 5 players to be always present on the court during the game. The type of uniform consisting of a jersey and shorts must be loosely fit on the body to enable players move freely.
  • Time – is set in quarters or halves, depending on the league the games are performed within. For instance NBA plays quarters of 12 min while college basketball games are played in 30 min. The high schools perform such a game in quarters of 8 min. There is also a break lasting 15 min and if needed, there can be allowed 5 min overtime for the game.
  • Equipment – consists of a ball and a hoop (set at 4 ft from the baseline and 10 ft distance from the court), with many of league games using as well the scoreboard. The balls should be (according to the regulations) of 29.5″ in diameter weighting 22 oz. for male players, and 28.5″ and 20 oz. for female basketball players.
  • As to the rules, the main purpose of the game is for one team to score more points that their opposite team by shooting baskets. The rules related to this type of scoring are quite easy to grasp at:
    • In order for the game to evolve, the ball should be within court’s playing area.
    • When dribbling both feet should be in motion.
    • Through the dribbling you can not hold the hands under the ball.
    • In case your feet stand still, then you shouldn’t move, otherwise you should dribble.
    • It goes against the rules to dribble with both hands.
    • When the ball has passed half the court, it can not go back down the court.
    • One can not catch the ball when being dribbled and held.

There are as well more rules when it comes to a regulated basketball game playing, but the ones from above are merely the basics. When it comes to conducting a game there are various complex rules that you will have to apprehend, but these will come with time, practice and experiencing them on the court.

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