Snowboard – A Few Historic Facts


OK, everybody knows what a snowboard is: it is a board with the width of one foot’s logway that is designed to glide on the snow. But do you know as well other details that made this type of board the equipment of a winter sport? This article will show you how all these have started.

It was in the year of 1963 when an 8th grade kid named Tom Sims has created a plank of plywood as part of his school’s project although he wasn’t aware that this thing will turn later into a real piece of equipment to help with snowboarding sportsmen. He gave this plank a name, such as ‘Ski-board’ and the moment he grew older he founded a company to produce and supply snowboards for those interested ones. It didn’t take too long for this ski-boarding activity to turn into a really exciting winter sport.

But there is as well another invention that is related to the concept of snowboard, and it came in 1965 when Sherman Poppen has bolted two skis into a single one to result the snowboard known as ‘Snurfer’, the combination between snow and surfer. It was seen as such the gear to help sportsmen ‘surf’ the snow as opposed to surf the water. Very soon many people, both kids and adults, started to have a good time while using the ‘Snurfer’.

When in 1979, this snowboard started to be designed in fiberglass it has become already popular in that the concept of snowboarding was introduced to the winter sport amateurs. It has become pretty fast a sport equipment created by Jake Burton Carpenter, where you can actually have your feet locked on the snowboard to make this experience much safer for the snowboarders.

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