Learn More about Football Uniform


When it comes to football uniforms you must know that they are designed in various sets but the basic one consists of jersey and pants. Other sets will include helmets (for head protection), pads placed at the shoulder area to protect the back and the chest and shoes along with specially fabricated socks.

Yes, socks have become as well part of the equipment since they are manufactured with latest types of fabrics to ensure comfort, dryness and warmth for the feet. This article will introduce you to the types of uniforms available to choose from and what is there to look for when selecting your own uniform.

  • First of all the search should be done in accordance to the player’s age since there are uniforms for kids and adult players. The type designed for adult players comes as a set with full length jersey and pants. The jersey is of the rib-knit V neck style with 11 inch sleeves and straight bottom. Pants present a lace up front design and buttonhole eyelets.
  • When you choose your football uniform you should ensure it comes with a material that can allows your body to breathe easily such as cotton and polyester materials are. With these materials the sweating evaporates allowing the cool air to circulate throughout the clothing pieces.
  • When it comes to the price, you must know that uniforms bought as wholesale come with lower costs. However, it is important to know that sets provided with shoes and helmets can contain these accessories at poor quality. So you should stick to buying merely the clothing pieces and then look for protection accessories.

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