The New State Of The Art Method For Making Money With Joint

If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time researching joint ventures and going through the chore of analysing all the joint venture proposals you get on a daily basis in your inbox. I’ve often wondered if there was an easier way to find successful joint ventures, as serious marketers online all know the power of joint venture marketing.

In fact, some marketers have told me that if they could only utilize one marketing strategy it would be joint ventures fullstop.

If you have got a product or service to promote you know joint ventures are essential to your business. Joint ventures are when two or more people work on the same project. The most lucrative way to benefit from joint ventures is to let other people sell your product or service and share the profits with you. Some examples of cross promotions would be exchanging popups and testimonials.

In my online experience recently I have noticed that some forms of ezine advertising did not pull the results that would have been expected. If you are also spending hard earned money on ezine advertising there is a better and easier way.

An example of a joint venture unrelated to internet marketing would be a gym coming together with a company that produces body building supplements.

Joe Vitale made $25,000 from joint ventures from just one email.

So if you want to explore more fully the lucrative world of joint venture marketing how do you go about finding joint venture partners?

Old-fashioned ways of finding joint venture partners:

  • Making a post on a forum if permitted by the moderator;

  • Visiting individual websites and emailing the owner one by one;

  • Spending time making contacts with other internet marketers online.

The new state-of-the-art way of finding joint venture partners:

By subscribing to Joint Ventures Weekly. Once in a while an ezine comes along that makes me sit up and take notice. My good friend Mike Woo-Ming has created such an ezine.

Each week you will receive a list of the TOP joint ventures for the hottest internet products and services.

Each joint venture is carefully screened and analysed before it reaches your inbox. If it doesn’t meet the relevant criteria you won’t hear about it.

Your time is valuable. Each joint venture will include:

  • A detailed synopsis,

  • Current conversion rates (unless new),

  • Requirements,

  • Length of joint venture offer.

YOU choose exactly who YOU want to work with!

Finally, a place to find non-internet marketing joint ventures as well. By subscribing to Joint Ventures Weekly you have the power to select the latest products before anyone else in your field.

It is often said that only 10% of small business owners take advantage of joint ventures. You now have the means to be part of that 10% by subscribing to Joint Ventures Weekly today.

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