What should you do if you have 33 pounds of fat on your body

What should you do if you have 33 pounds of fat on your body?

If you are man that weighs 200 pounds…nothing. It’s normal.

With all the obesity epidemic scare and weight loss diet hype
being tossed around in the media these days, people are easily
confused about what’s healthy for them.

For example, have you heard the “fact” that no body fat is

Nope… it’s untrue.

The ideal percentage of body fat for men is generally between 15
and 18 percent, while for women it is between 18 and 22 percent.

That means if you are a man that weighs 200 pounds, Your ideal
amount of fat to have would be around 33 pounds.

In order to look great you need to be at or near your ideal
weight. Your “ideal weight” is where you don’t look obese, while
you still have a healthy amount of body fat.

Is too much fat bad? Of course it is. Research suggests it can
lead to diabetes, heart problems, etc.

But how do you know what is right for you?

* Should you have a daily intense workout plan involving heavy
weights? * Should you use dieting drugs and low calorie diets to
lose weight? * Should you try supplements and steroids to
increase muscle mass and lose body fat?

The answer to these questions is…you need expert advice.

There is too much misinformation “out there” confusing everybody
about what is healthy or not. You can even see doctors in the
media contradicting other doctors.

Where do you go for help?

How about to the same people that athletes, movie stars and
supermodels see? Sure they cost a fortune in person. But did
you know they have written books about their expertise that are a
bit more affordable?

Seriously, nutrition and body building is a science these days.
The techniques have been worked out and tested. In fact, they
have been around for a long time.

Stop listening to the “current fad diet”, and don’t let yourself
get paralyzed with fear when you hear the latest medical news on

You CAN build a body that is not only healthy, but strong. In
fact, you can give yourself the body of a God or Goddess.

Don’t get duped into using strange diets, pills, or even
dangerous exercises. Not only will you be disappointed with the
results, you could actually endanger your health.

Do your research, find out what works, get expert advice, and
become the STRONG and HEALTHY person of your dreams.

You just need to talk to the right people.

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About the Author

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