Croquet is Cool

I know not all people have played croquet. So few people have played croquet; in fact, that croquet may not even seem like a cool thing to do. It may seem like a nerdy, boring, or childish activity; a kids game. On the contrary, however, it is very cool. In fact, the game is cool in and of itself, and if you play it, you are bound to become cooler yourself. I am not just saying these things to defend myself from being not cool for having played the game myself. On the contrary, I am cool person and the game is cooler for my having played it.
I, myself, was first introduced to the game of croquet as a kid. I think that my parents had a set. I do not remember it very well, however; only a vague remembrance of seeing a croquet set around the house, so I will talk about my later introduction to croquet.
One of my friends in high school had a croquet set, and we used to play at his house sometimes. We always just played in his yard somewhere, rather than going to a field somewhere else to play. We could play in the front yard, the backyard, or on the side somewhere, wherever we wanted. That is one of the cool things about croquet, you can play it wherever and whenever you want. Sometimes we played in the day, and sometimes we played at night with the porch light on. Some of our games would end quickly, while others would last a long time. Basically, you never know what is going to happen when you play croquet, where you might play, who will win, or what exciting things will happen. It is always a wild adventure; a battle of perseverance, intelligence, and strategy.

But, are those things cool? Of course they are. What could be cooler than living spontaneously, not knowing what is going to happen next? Some call it living on the edge or on the wild side of life. You can play croquet anytime, anywhere, for nothing. Then you add in the competition, cold, merciless and heartless as you roquet a competitor’s ball off of the field or they roquet yours. Finally there is the glory of winning, the glory of having utterly defeated all of your opponents, crushing them under your foot. Is that not cool? I think it’s cool.

Now, I know croquet may not be for everyone. Not everyone can be cool, I guess. But for those out there who would like to be cool, to live wildly and spontaneously, to experience the fierce, relentless, and merciless competition, I would suggest getting a croquet set and playing croquet. If you would like, you can even play in the mountains by a large cliff, to add some more excitement, if any can possibly be added to such an extreme game.

Well, it was cool to play croquet while I was in high school. It is also cool to play in college. If you are really one who likes to be wild and cool and live on the edge, you can play croquet professionally. There are several thousand professional croquet players in North America today, and the number is rapidly growing. The competition is fierce, the players merciless, and the sport a little crazy. Like I said before, croquet is not for everyone. It takes a special breed of people to live such a wild and exciting life. But is sure is a cool one. Croquet is cool!

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