Motorcycle’s Fatal Crash Formula

Almost everyday, the broadsheets are swarming with news on collisions, side-sweeping and the likes. Numerous persons are injured and some are fatally wounded. The worst thing is that lots of lives are taken because of certain person’s negligence. In fact, it has been reported that 80 per centum of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death to the motorcyclist.

One of the most prevalent collision is that which involves motorcycles. A motorcycle crash is a multifarious event involving the interaction of people, environment and the motorcycle itself.

Many of the causes of motorcycle crashes are attributed to the driver’s lack of experience, recklessness, over-speeding, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The latter cause of significantly diminishes the driver’s ability. Another factor is the fatigue, pressure and lack of sleep of the driver. If he drives in these conditions he will most likely encounter a fatal crash. This is because his senses becomes dull thus, slowing his reaction time. Drooping eyelids prevent the eyes from searching the roads effectively. Attention therefore is astray. Lastly – the non-wearing of protective gears and accessories. Helmet for one has a hard shell cover to protect the skull and its contents. The crushable limited liner is protected by the helmet by absorbing a percentage of the impact so as not to bring injury to the brain. Thus, helmet limits the severity of head injuries.

It is hard to drive when it is raining. The road is slippery and control of speed is necessary. It is also difficult to ride at night. Chances are, when the headlight beam is broken or is malfunctioning, the rider can hit a deer, boxcar, vehicle and passersby. The enumeration is endless and it is always never in the rider’s favor.

In connection with motorcycle attributes, fatal crash results in the failure to appreciate the motorcycle’s inherent characteristics and limitations. Vehicles are not created equal. Thus, it may have different size, weight, design, flexibility and momentum. Moreover, the rider must appreciate its features and learn how to boost them. Choose the best motorcycle parts in town. That way you can have a certain air of confidence.

From the foregoing we can create a formula for fatal crash. A fatal crash can be achieved when there is negligence or incompetence plus non-conducive environment and low-quality motorcycle parts and accessories.

There are only two controllable factors (first and last). To be sure, neophytes can enroll in a motorcycle training course. Another, use only the best motorcycle parts. You can also opt to have bright and colorful accessories for you to remain visible. Finally, avoid riding in inclement weather. Enjoy your ride!

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