The Irony Of Michael Owen

Owen burst into the international scene with his spectacular solo strike against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup.

He helped Liverpool achieve the treble in 2001. His success and accolade accumulated and he won the European footballer of the year.

We expected him to go to greater heights but since then his performance has been mediocre. He is always hampered by his hamstring and is easily injured. Houllier had to take care not to use him too frequently to aggravate his situation.

Was he getting too big for his head or was he too ambitious when he decided to leave Liverpool and play for Real Madrid.

Gerrard for all his prima donna ways did the wise thing and stayed to see what changes Benitez could bring. There ‘s nothing to lose by remaining in Liverpool. If things didn’t work out , he could always move on.

Though Liverpool struggles in the premiership they are walking on water when it comes to one off battles in cup competitions like FA Cup or European competition.

Last season he opted to move to Real Madrid as he thought he was going to a better club to have more opportunities to play champions league football.

He should have given the new manager a chance to prove himself in Liverpool . After all, isn’t this the man who won the Primera Liga twice with Valencia and a Uefa cup to boot?

How ironic to see his former club lift the Champions League trophy while Real Madrid languish in the shadows of pitiful sorrow after being ejected in the round of 16 against Juventus!

Another irony I find is that Michael Owen willingly went over to Real Madrid to exchange place with Morientes. Morientes took over Owen’s first team position while Owen himself found himself in fourth position in the striker role.

Michael Owen knows his first team position is in doubt following purchases by Real Madrid of two strikers Rohinho and Baptista . Next year is World Cup year and Owen needs to play regularly to remain in top form in order for England Coach Erickson to select him for his team.

Ironically, he wants to come back to premiership but the big guns do not need his services.

Liverpool has so far garnered only one goal from two premiership matches. Benitez has also sold off Baros to Aston Villa reducing the number of strikers available to him. Michael Owen is a proven striker in the premiership scoring 20 goals a season. He is also a Kop favorite and English. There has been a precedent before where a Liverpool player went abroad for more playing experience and then returned to Liverpool. His name is Ian Rush.

However, I think it makes poor business sense for the club for buy high and sell low and making loss of a few million pounds. Also, Michael Owen is physically small in size. His style of play is to be a lone striker. Benitez preferred style of play is different . So Michael Owen may not suit Benitez requirements.

Smaller teams are eager to sign him on like Newcastle, Everton and even Wigan. But I think it would be too embarrassing for him to accept these offers.

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