Golf Apparel – It’s All About Good Golf Etiquette

When playing golf, there are many rules. It isn’t juat a matter of turning up to a golf course, playing a round of golf and then going home. You have to show good golf etiquette to be able to fit in with your surroundings and also to be allowed to play at the golf club.

One of the many rules of etiquette on the links is for each golfer to wear the proper golf apparel. This is one of the most important rules on the golf course. Following a strict dress code on the golf course, is something that most golf clubs and courses, even the public ones, require the golfers to do. Probably the most popular rule is the one of requesting that the golfers wear a collared shirt, although many courses also require long pants to be worn – not jeans of course – and proper golf shoes.

The primary rule of etiquette when actually hitting the links, is to show up on schedule for your tee time. It is important to be considerate of others and for you to not arrive a few minutes before tee off, still wanting to have a few practice swings on the driving range. Give yourself plenty of time, along with practice time, you will also need to find somewhere to park your car, purchase your golf balls, get changed into the correct golf apparel and collect your cart.

Cell-phones are also a big no no. Cell-phones are not part of the correct golf apparel and this should be considered before setting off on the course. They should either be left behind in your car or locker or if absolutely neccessary and needed for emergencies, should be kept in your bag, turned off.

Be sure that, when you are out on the golf course, you have a good understanding of the rules by which the other golfers want to play. Know, in advance, whether they honor the preceding holes score, for insance, by letting the golfer with the best score tee off on the next hole, or do they let whoever is ready to tee off, go first? It is possible, if you aren’t careful, ot offend strangers, if you have decided to join their group when you play, by not playing to their rules.

Along with the plaid pants, sweater vests, flat caps and other stereotypical golf apparel, golfers are also best known for their obsession with silence on the golf course. This does, however, make sense when you are concentrating into putting everything into your swing to hit a tiny ball with a long nearrow stick. Silence is a must!

So, even if you are just playing a round of golf with your friends, make sure to observe the basic rule of keeping quiet during shots and not to stand in the shooters direct line of vision.

Follow the rules, treat others on the course as you would like to be treated and have a great enjoyable game.

By Simon Ashton

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