Golf Sunglasses – Are You Wearing The Best Ones For You

When you think about golfing, it isn’t just about the golf clubs and cart. It’s not even just about the right golf pants and top. When you are on the golf course, you also need to have the best golf sunglasses for the occassion.

Out on the golf course, the best golf sunglasses serve more than one function. It isn’t just about you being out there on the links, looking cool, trying to impress the drink cart girls with your sense of style. The golf sunglasses also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun’s glare.

If you have just spent a small fortune on having the right golf clubs, equipment and collared shirts to be seen with to go with your expensive country club membership, then you may not want to pay the high prices that are usually attached to the big-name designer brands in the world of sunglasses. Just because Oakley, Bolle and NYX attach hefty price tags to their merchandise, does not mean that you have to purchase them, unless of course, you have to have them and don’t mind footing the bill.

Some of the best sunglasses, in this case, are the cheapest sunglasses. Cheap, though, doesn’t neccesarily mean poorly made, hence poor quality. It doesn’t have to be the very cheap $5 products that you can purchase at the local convenience store.

Technologically advanced, inexpensive golf sunglasses can still be found and just as comfortable and stylish as the brands that costs hundreds of dollars. Even the inexpensive brands can still be produced with the lightweight polycarbonate materials that makes them barely noticeable once you are wearing them on your face. These type of golf sunglasses can still be accompanied by special attachments which loop the sunglasses around your ears, making it almost impossible for you to lose them from your face, whilst you have a good hard hack at the golf ball.

From a health perspective, the most important thing for your eyes is that wearing the best golf sunglasses gives you lenses that will block out 100% of the suns deadly ultraviolet rays. So when it comes to purchasing your next sunglasses, make sure to look out for glasses that block but UVA and UVB. The higher the nanometer rating, the better.

Getting the right sunglasses now, for your game of golf, to take care of your eyes, means that there will be less to worry about in later life from eye diseases such as cataracts or other eye conditions.

On the positive side, you will now find that you have saved more money, giving you more cash in your pocket to spend on golf balls, golf equipment, green fees and of course to buy drinks for those drink cart girls that you have been looking at through your great new sunglasses.

So, don’t forget, a brand name isn’t the be-all and end-all of golf sunglasses. Sometimes, it is JUST A NAME!!

By Simon Ashton

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