Golfer’ Back Exercise Can Eliminate Back Pain

‘Golfer’ back exercise is a key part of any golf-specific exercise routine.

A closer look at the golf swing will show clearly that it heavily depends on and indeed leans on the back. Actually a perfect golf swing is really all about using the spine as an axis to allow the correct swing plane. The spine is at the very center and core of the golf swing.

The facts of the matter are that a golfer with a back problem will always face an uphill and maybe impossible task when it comes to improving on their game. The back will always come in the way of any efforts at improvement.

This is where ‘golfer’ back exercise come in. They can be extremely useful in helping solve this nagging problem amongst the many golfers who suffer from this problem which can be both very painful and frustrating.

There are cases where the back problem started even before the golfer started playing golf and there are other cases where it starts shortly after they start frequenting a golf course.

There are even cases where the problem is greatly aggravated by golf. Chances of getting an improvement on your game from all three different scenarios with the help of golfer back exercises are very high.

Many ‘golfer’ back exercise involve stretching exercises some of which I have covered in previous articles. Interestingly enough, I have witnessed some of these stretch exercises helping some golfers with chronic back pain problems.

There are some who have been fortunate enough to have the problem completely disappear while others have gotten a great deal of relief as a result of the ‘golfer’ back exercise.

‘Golfer’ back exercise can also help golfers who have never experienced any back problems to avoid them altogether. As we have already seen, the golf swing involves so much use of the back that injury to it is quite easy.

Especially where the golfer is not involved in any golf exercise program let alone ‘golfer’ back exercise.

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