How To Achieve Longer Golf Drives

Longer golf drives are the desire of every golfer. Yet this is something that remains elusive to many golfers.

Yet this should not be the case. Achieving longer golf drives is much easier than most people realize. It is really just a matter of improving on your strength and endurance. Some simple golf specific exercises can do wonders in helping anybody to accomplish longer golf drives.

And what is more, exercise does not have to mean long hours in the local gym sweating it out. Actually many strength and stretch exercises that will help you achieve longer golf drives can be done virtually anywhere. Even in a hotel room somewhere as you are travelling on business. Not to mention your office or home.

For example the following simple exercise has helped many golfers tremendously in their quest for longer golf drives. Not only does it improve a golferÂ’s power and accuracy in the drive, but it has a few other extremely useful benefits.

It usually helps golfers gain more endurance to play golf the whole day while getting rid of the usual nagging lower back problems that are quite common on the course. This exercise also makes such a tremendous difference in your strength that you have to try it to believe and experience the impact yourself.

It is done by lying flat on the ground on your back with your hands at a 90 degree angle to your sides. You place your feet on an exercise (stability) ball. You then raise your glutes off the ground to create a straight line from your shoulders, hips and feet.

You do this so that your glutes and lower back supports the weight of your entire body. Hold the position and go for a count of 10. Doing this simple exercise for 2 sets daily will completely eliminate your low back pain for good as well as gift you with longer golf drives.

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