The Basics Of Learning Golf

“The Basics Of Learning Golf”

– by Bud Bradley ==========================================================
Golf is one of Americas most popular sports. People of all
ages want to play golf. Without learning golf, one cannot
play golf properly. You need to learn the basics of the
game and then practice them to become proficient.

For learning it, you have to join a Golf Academy, which has
all the required facilities. Apart from the common
facilities, the academy should have good instructors, where
the learner can have personal attention.

This is very important for a beginner because he may have
lot of questions and unless one gets one to one interaction with the instructor, he may not feel comfortable. Getting personalized attention such as one to one, though ideal but may be difficult. Therefore, you should be happy if you get an acceptable ratio of three or four to one.

Instructor Is the Key

Learning Golf from an instructor having following traits
would be ideal, because he is the one who will not only
teach you ABCs of the game but will take you to the next
levels one by one.

1. The Instructor should be able to chalk out a personal
plan and then he should ensure that the plan works as
planned and desired.
2. Swing, which is natural and is difficult to change. Due emphasis must be given to swing. It is for the instructor to improve your swing. The instructor should be knowledgeable enough to explain the fundamentals leading to swing. 3. The instructor must ensure that your game improves everyday. There is a saying that “You’ll get worse before you get better!” but you and your instructor should try to prove it wrong. 4. The instructor must behave like a friend; he should encourage you for a good shot and should correct it if there is something wrong or not-so-good shot. 5. The instructor must have the habit of less talking and more teaching. He should always focus on the training, similarly as a learner one should also follow it but aim at learning only. 6. The instructor is like a life partner as far as the Golf is concerned, he is always there to help, guide and support you.

That is why Learning Golf is not as easy as any other
sport. One has to put all necessary efforts to learn and
become a good player. ===========================================================
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