The Simple Golf Swing Review

Let me start off by saying that I was extremely leary about buying something off of the internet to help improve my golf swing. And come on, “The Simple Golf Swing”? Everyone knows a perfect golf swing like Tiger Woods is anything but simple. After reading some of the testimonials and since the price of the book was so low (I spend more on golf balls) I decided to buy the book because it is 100% guaranteed – if it sucked I would just get a refund. One of the main reasons I decided to buy the book was because I don’t have time to have a golf trainer or practice all the time. I surf pretty much any day there are waves in Florida, I go to college, and I have to keep my websites updated daily.

So I decided to buy the book and I spent a few hours reading it from front to back over and over. I decided I would just print the book out and bring it with me to the golf course in the morning so I didn’t forget anything. After a short surf session with my friends, we drove across the street to our local golf course in Melbourne Beach, FL.

Let me just put it this way, my friends were amazed at my golf swings and were convinced that I had a personal golf trainer. The first day that I had tried out the tips that I got from the Simple Golf Swing I improved my handicap from a 17 to a 13. I improved my accuracy and distance hitting the golf ball as well. This was just my first time using the Simple Golf Swing tips and they were definetly helping my golf swing.

Two days later I went back to the course and had even better results. It was a rainy day, so I wanted to test out some more tips that were in the Simple Golf Swing book. My first tee I had a great hit even with the wetness of the ball and club. I have never had a ball fly this straight and high in the rain before.

Every hole after the first was the same. I would’ve never dreamed of making such solid contact thru 18 holes. The ultimate test came on the 5th hole where I’m sitting at 200 yards out in the middle of the fairway on an uphill par 4. I grab my 3 iron which still looks new from lack of use and I nail it within 15 feet of the hole. I wound up shooting 80 and the only reason that I was that high, was club selection between my sand and pitching wedge. I was getting so much action on my sand wedge that 3 times I hit the front of the green and it sucked right back off the green. That’s the first time that has ever happened to me. To top things off my playing partner, seeing me hit so well, asked me what I’d changed. I gave him a brief lesson and within two holes he’s hitting them a far and as straight as I’ve ever seen him.

I honestly recommend The Simple Golf Swing even if you already think you are Tiger Woods. A lot of people have had success with The Simple Golf Swing and you can read more testimonials on their website.

Joseph Tierney is a golfer and a surfer.

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