Tips on Playing the Tough Shots

golf shot

Golf is a sport that relies completely on technique and not on brute strength or a fixed set of skills. In order to be able to master the game one has to constantly improvise and learn to think and implement new tactic on the go. That is what makes the golf an exciting sport. But at the same time one cannot fully depend on improvisation and must learn how to execute the few basic shots and practice them in order to execute them perfectly.

There are some shots that have to be practiced in order to become good at the game. When one has to take a long chip shot out of the rough or bunker and have a lot of grass to cover then the best thing to do is to use what is known as the cock and pop technique. This way you do not have to apply much weight and the whole shot depends on your wrist action. One has to pop the wrist steep into the ball without any follow through. This then results in the ball moving with a lot of roll it. This way one can cover a lot of distance in less time.

When you are facing a short chip way out of the rough with a very little amount of grass to work on then this technique works well with high handicappers. But then one can play it like a bunker shot too as it will help you immensely. One has to play the golf ball forward in the stance and has to keep the face of the club open and then try and slide the club under the ball right at the impact and then trail the hand off the club while following through.

The putter out of the rough is a very unique shot and will work for the golfer only when he or she is just off the green. At the same time if the golf ball is buried then this shot is not effective at all. In order to play this shot one has to play the ball well back I the stance and then ensure that there is a fifteen degrees of forward shaft lean at address and then drive your putter sharply into the ball with the head down. This should make the ball pop up with a lot of roll and toilspin. This is an extremely complicated shot and requires a lot of practice to master. These shots are not for beginners and amateurs and one must be an accomplished and established golf player in order to be able to play these shots. Not only do they require a lot of patience but also require a lot of skill and experience.

While playing the ball above your feet shot on a short pitch, most people tend to pull it wide towards the left. This is because while using a lofted club with the ball above your feet one has to aim quite a bit right at the address. It is then that the shot will come out perfectly. It is very important to practice these shots before the game as they are the main weapons in the golfer’s arsenal. It is the ability to play these complicated and sophisticated shots that separates a good golfer from a brilliant one.

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