Top 14 Tips for Selecting A Golf School

“Top 14 Tips for Selecting A Golf School”

– by Bud Bradley

With the increase in number of schools for learning Golf,
it has become necessary for the learner to find out a
school that suits him best from all the angles. Here are
the tips for selecting a Golf School:

1. When the institute was established and how many members
they have. Since when they are into coaching.
2. What type of golf course they have? Is it 18 holes, 22 holes, 27 holes or more? 3. Do they organize tournaments regularly (a lot of learning is possible by the learner by simply watching good players)? 4. The school should have sound credentials. If possible, find out from other sources about the claims they make. 5. Try to get the record of accomplishment of the schools by talking to people who either are learning there or have completed the training and now practicing there or elsewhere. 6. Get details from other such schools, make your own assessment/comparison and decide. If a school offers any guarantee, the same should be crosschecked with schools. 7. Find out the details of the program they have for the learners. What methodology they follow in coaching the students. 8. How many students have completed their training and where they are. Have they trained/produced national/international golfers? 9. What kind of facilities they have? Do they have the facility to learn Uphill, Downhill, Side hill, Sand and trouble shots? 10. Can one learn all types of shots during training or some shots they do not teach during training? 11. Do they have separate ground for training? 12. What type of facilities for learning/improving the Swing. Do they have a Video that can analyze the swing? If yes, it will be better because one can learn by seeing his shots on the video and find out where and what is wrong in it. You can improve/ accelerate your learning curve by watching and practicing.
13. Do they customize the training program according to the needs / skills of the individual or these are common to all. This may be very crucial in deciding as one would always like to have a tailor made learning package so that he can get best out of the training. 14. Do they have covered ground for learning, this is important because if it rains continuously for days together one may lose his training time resulting into loss of total training days/hours?

Follow these tips, and selecting the right golf school
becomes a no brainer.

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