Why Does Tiger, Phil and Vijay Have Obscene Power?

Who doesn’t want to pound the golf ball 300-plus yards? We see PGA Tour players all the time ripping it down the middle of the fairway, and we would all love to do it too.

Take a look at the long drive champions pounding it well over 400 yards. Amazing if you ask me.

How do they do it? Everyone’s got an opinion on that question, but lets take a look at one part of the equation. The shoulder turn is an integral part of what allows these guys to crank on their drivers.

Take a look at Tiger, Phil, or Vijay on tour. Watch what they do with their driver on the backswing.

All these guys take a monster of a shoulder turn, coiling their bodies, and just waiting to unload it on the downswing.

This allows them to flat out rip the golf ball off the tee!

So how can the amateur emulate such a swing, increasing the distance of their drives, and feeling pretty good about themselves and their game?

There are two concepts to focus on:

§ Increases in distance are related to increased Clubhead Speed.

§ Clubhead speed is contingent upon Developing more Power in Your Golf Swing.

Developing more power in your swing is directly related too:

1. Your Golf Swing Mechanics

2. Your Body

Efficient golf swing mechanics will allow for the greatest amount of power to be transferred to your clubhead.

The generation of this power lies within your body.

It is your body swinging the golf club, not the other way around. Your body develops the power that is transferred into clubhead speed during the swing.

In order to develop more power in your swing you must develop more;

§ Flexibility

§ Strength

§ Endurance

§ Power

Improving in all of these areas will translate it into a much more powerful and athletic golf swing (if they are efficient), and end up with more clubhead speed.

Like I said, a little more complex than first thought, but very doable.

Developing more power in your golf swing begins with your flexibility. Increasing your flexibility will improve your power.

This is where the idea of a larger shoulder turn comes into play. Increasing your flexibility allows you to take a larger shoulder turn.

A bigger shoulder turn (resulting from your improved flexibility) allows the body to coil more, store more energy, and translate it into clubhead speed.

Increasing your shoulder turn is a result of improving your flexibility. In the bigger picture flexibility adds to your entire swing.

In addition to an increased shoulder turn, improving your flexibility allows you to take the golf club through a larger range of motion.

Why is this relevant too more power in your golf swing?

It becomes a simple equation in physics.

If you are able to draw the club through a larger range of motion in an efficient manner, the ability to generate more power will be available.


Next question; how do you develop more flexibility relative to your golf swing?

Golf Specific Flexibility Exercises are the Answer!

Golf specific flexibility exercises develop your flexibility around the golf swing.

This will enhance your ability of your body to take the golf club through a greater range of motion, and take a bigger shoulder turn allowing you to generate PGA Tour like clubhead speed.

Now understand, developing flexibility for golf is not simply performing a toe touch stretch. That is not going to get it done.

You must develop flexibility in the areas of the body that are integral in swinging the golf club.

In addition, you must develop flexibility through the ranges of motion that are required for the golf swing.

These are the reasons it is necessary to use;

Golf Specific Flexibility Exercises

Golf specific flexibility exercises develop your body around the golf swing. Focusing on the muscles incorporated in the golf swing. Developing the ranges of motion required of the golf swing. Improving the shoulder turn in your swing, and increasing the power in your golf swing. Take a look at Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Vijay Singh. They will all show you the same in their golf swings. Flexibility and a full shoulder turn are needed to develop power.


About the Author
Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly with 2005 PGA & 2004 Masters Champion Phil Mickelson. He has made many of his golf tips, golf instruction and golf swing improvement techniques available to amateur golfers on the web.

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