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According to, a hobby is “an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure” ( Merriam-Webster defines a hobby as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). A hobby is relaxation and pleasure, OUTSIDE of one’s occupation. Many people today, go to work, come home, do not do anything, and then go back to work the next day, like mindless drones slaving away at their job, making money for bosses and owners who are pursuing their own interests and hobbies. That is why they started the business in the first place; it was something interesting to THEM that THEY could pursue. Well, it is time to work to live, not live to work; that is my motto. Find something to do outside of the workplace, something that YOU enjoy, something that relaxes you and brings you pleasure. Find something you can do with your family or with other people, to have good experiences, rather than that job you are always doing.

It is time for such working people to find a new hobby. Find something they like to do. There are a million hobbies or interests one can pursue. Just think of all the things you like, or all of the things you ever wanted to do. Think of what you need to do to achieve those things, and start doing it. Do it in your spare time. You will be surprised what a difference just half an hour a day focused on one particular interest will do. Many of my own hobbies I learned by studying them on my own in my spare time. If you can learn anything, you can learn anything, it just takes time, and if you prioritize right, time is something you do have. Learn another language, a new game, a new sport, a new musical instrument, or a hobby craft you would enjoy.

Maybe you have many interests or hobbies you would like to pursue. That is great, the more the better. Variety is the spice of life. Find a variety of hobbies you would like to pursue and spice up your life a bit. Some of the hobbies I enjoy or camping and hiking. I bought myself an acoustic guitar and taught myself to play. I taught myself to play the piano a little, and I also play the trumpet. One hobby is designing websites. I speak English and Russian, but I want to learn some other languages as well.

Geocaching is a fun new hobby; use Global Positioning Systems to find hidden treasures. I also like to play yard games like croquet, kubb, bocce ball, and others. Sports have always been a way for me to find pleasure and relaxation. I play tennis, basketball, golf, football, and others. Some people find pleasure in scrapbooking or other hobby crafts.

If you cannot think of a hobby now, come to your online hobby store and browse our hobbies. See if you cannot find one that interests you. We provide everything you need or want to pursue your hobbies or interests from sports hobbies to craft hobbies, music hobbies to camping and outdoors hobbies.

Whatever your interests are, start pursuing them. Find an activity or interest outside your regular occupation that YOU can do for pleasure and relaxation. Start living again. Do not live to work, but work to live. Think of anything and everything you enjoy or that makes you happy and fill your lives with a “variety” of those things. Quit living your life for things that are not important to you and start living for the things that are important, recreation with family and friends, relationships, self-improvement, and the pursuit of happiness.

By Peter Jay

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