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There is always more to learn about a sport as complicated as gymnastics. Most coaches learn something everyday from the athletes they teach, if they are open to such things. Good gymnasts try to learn as much as they can about the sport. This article is to reveal some sources for gymnastics information that we have found useful.

Those Who Do, Don’t Write (except for us)
There are other ways to learn about the sport of gymnastics. One of the difficulties, however, about researching gymnastics is that the very ones who are at the vanguard of coaching are much too busy with actual gymnastics coaching to write and publish what they are doing. For the very latest in gymnastics research, one must resort to other than traditional methods.

Thousands of Gymnastics Resources
There are literally thousands of books, studies, papers, articles and dissertations about the sport of gymnastics. We have compiled a list of and read over 1500. These are available through normal academic channels at any major University.

Old Gymnast Magazines
There are a treasure trove of back-dated articles from Madamesoille Gymnast, International Gymnast, Technique Magazine and USA Gymnast magazine. Even if there have been new trends in skills and equipment, there are numerous idea inspiring articles available.

A Few Good Books
There are some published gymnastics books that have some merit and even some of the latest gymnast biographies are interesting and revealing.

Insight From Other Sports
Books and research about other sports, for example, weightlifting, strength and conditioning, can give new insights into coaching gymnastics. Any coaching books and manuals can be sources for information and insight.

Sport Psychology
Child development and child psychology research can give insight into dealing with gymnastics coaching, skill progression and discipline problems with gymnasts.

Online Resources
There are an increasing number of gymnastics resources available online on the Internet.

Gymnastics Congress, Conventions and Clinics
The USAIGC and USAG both give seminars at their national conventions and around the country for both coaching and business topics. Some regional gymnastics conventions do a credible job on a smaller scale at the same thing.

Check Out Other Gyms
Visiting other gyms can be a source of great inspiration and new ideas. Every gym has something that you might be able to use in your own gym to advantage.

Develop a network of other gymnastics coaches, gym owners, businessmen etc. to talk with. Bounce new ideas off them and listen to their experiences for insight into how to improve your own program and business.

Ask Other Employees and Staff Members
Ask your employees for new ideas and solutions to problems. They are on the front lines and also may have previous experience that may be of use.

Survey Your Customers
Ask your customers what they would like. Talk with them, survey them, run focus groups, ask for feedback, call program drop-outs for information and advice (don’t forget to invite them back).

Business Development And Research
Reading business publications can give new ideas about business management, marketing and organization. Old issues of Inc. magazine are especially useful.

Learn, Learn, Learn
Keep your eyes out for that one idea that will improve your training, program or gym. One idea per month will contribute to the success of your gym and one new idea per week can turn your gym into an outstanding facility and program.

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