Oakland NJ – A Great Town For Kids

Oakland NJ – A Great Town for Kids

My children, my wife and I have been fortunate to have lived in the town of Oakland NJ, for the past 18 years. The commitment to kids sports programs, especially girls softball, I think would be hard to surpass by any other town this size. ( 14,000 – 15,000).

I have seen many girls flourish in the Softball program, playing on traveling teams, and at the varsity level at our High School. Part of the success the girls have is due to the efforts of a handful of men and women who are the commissioners, coaches and administrators of these programs I would hate to think what my daughter’s life would be like if she was not playing softball. She loves that softball.

In the spirit of keeping the game going; I have seen them organize teams, balance schedules, and choose coaches. I have watched them scramble to find an umpire so the game could be played. I have seen them on the golf cart riding around – trying to locate the key that opens the shed, so the lights could be turned on for a night game. They are always around to make sure that things worked. I wonder how they are able to calm parents, satisfy their critics, and keep a cool head in so many volatile situations. I guess the answer is they love the game more than it’s headaches.

My thanks to the tireless people that run the sports programs in the town of Oakland.

Neil Malmud, from Oakland NJ, was an inspiration in the writing of this story. For his efforts as an administrator, commissioner and especially as a coach, I am extremely grateful..

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