RC auto racing for NASCAR wannabes

Always dream of owning one of those high end sports cars but never could afford it?

Never mind, there is always a way out.

Have you thought of owning your own radio control car which is a replica of your favourite car?

Here are some reasons why rc cars are so popular. The cost of owning a rc car is a fraction of the original thing. You have the option of buying a ready to run model or you can get a kit where you assemble the different parts together. When you have built it, you feel a sense of pride and dignity and achievement. You can actually custom it so no one else has the same car as you. The advantage of kit assembly cars is that you can always repair and change the parts as you wish.

This is a really fun hobby. Just driving the rc car around sure attracts attention. This is a good way to meet and make new friends. I ‘m sure your kids will be thrilled to play with rc cars too. You can develop a father child bond and relationship by playing the rc cars together. You can race the car without getting injured. For those who haven’t learnt driving this is a good way to race cars.

Driving rc cars improves your hand eye coordination. You learn about physics, maths and laws of motions as you compete in car races. Building, tuning or upgrading and driving RC cars also builds up your knowledge of how a car works. It is advisable for beginners to start off with electric rc cars as they are cheaper to own and maintain. They are also simpler to maintain. As you learn more about rc cars you can upgrade to gas powered rc cars. They are faster and the run time can be limitless as the refuel time takes only a few seconds. They make car engine noise and emit exhaust fumes adding to the realism of actually driving a real car.

You can choose from off road or on road vehicles. Off road vehicles are versatile and let you drive them on practically any terrain. There is no need to hunt for a special ground to drive your RC car. If you are game for it, you can take part in informal or regional competition or you can take it to the next level and compete in international competition organised by the International Federation of Model Auto Racing.

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