Sims Snowboard 2006 Models

Now is the time to become acquainted with the new Sims snowboard 2006 models. This suggests that the 2005 snowboard models are out and the new Sims snowboard 2006 styles are in. Lots of riders have fun cruzing down the slopes, doing stunts, cool landings, or jibbing. If you want to do this to, how about checking out the new 06 Sims models.

Future Snowboarding Magazine tested three of Sims 2006 snowboards. They won against other top brands going through intense testing. The 3 that came out on top are Vice, Pristine, and Protocol. According to Future Snowboarding Magazine these 3 are dubbed the most valuable boards of 2006.

Sims has a great number of snowboards it offers for men, women, and kids. Sims designs snowboards for a variety of styles of riders and for boarders of different abilities. They give you superior snowboarding performance and are made of the best quality materials.

But if you want to wipe out your competition go with the top 3 new Sims snowboard 2006 models.

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