Golfing Tips for Beginners

Golf can start an afternoon hobby and turn into a real passion as you get more involved with it. Learning how to play golf is not difficult and going through all the initial steps is actually fun and rewarding. Here are a few golfing tips that will help you start of on the right foot and turn into a real golfer:

Don’t go for the shiniest, most expensive set of golf clubs. As a beginner you will miss a lot of the subtleties of professional golf equipment, so it’s not worth spending thousands of dollars on the latest technology and golf club models. Start with a cheaper set of clubs, maybe even a used one. A good golf set would have a putter, two woods and five irons. The irons are usually the odd numbers, such as 3, 5, 7 and 9 plus a wedge. If you want to experience different club types without actually purchasing them you can always rent a set from the golf course. As in most cases, beginners play their first golf rounds with a more experienced friend – you can also borrow some clubs from them.
Getting golf lessons

Golf coaches are a better alternative than friends when it comes to teaching you how to properly play golf. However, if you are just starting golf for the fun of the game, a friend might be a good tutor initially. The only problem with friends teaching you how to golf is that they do not have the necessary skills to explain all the complexities of the movements, swings and strategies. A golf coach is experienced in getting you complicated terms in plain English. You can sign up for golf lessons at most golf courses, and this is a good investment if you have a competitive nature and a few friends that doubt your golfing skills. While costs can range from $20 to $50 per hour, you can also get a group booking that will save you some money.
Golf for fun

Once you have the basic notions about golf it is time to make the most out of this game: have fun! Ambition and determination are great when developing your golf skills, but do not let these reduce the enjoyment levels of the game. We invite you to visit our website for other useful golf tips: USA Golf News

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