Tiger Woods or Bobby Jones: Who’s the Better Golfer?

If you’re a golfer, or even have a passing interest in the great sport of golfing — a sport where you hit a little white ball with a club and try to get that small sphere into an equally tiny 4 and 1/4 inch cylinder in the ground — then you undoubtedly know of Tiger Woods accomplishments and his incredible ball-striking expertise.

But, how would Tiger Woods compare to Bobby Jones had they been able to play each other in the same golf tournaments?

Although you’ve probably heard of Bobby Jones, and may even know of his awards and his awesome record, most golf aficionado’s don’t realize just how spectacular this great golfer of the early 20th century really was.

In fact, it is impossible to know to EVER know with certain just who the best player really would be.

But, before you even think about who the best would be if they were to play a match together, here are some actual facts to consider.

We are all amazed when we see the mind-blowing tee shots of Tiger Woods.

However, in all fairness to Bobby Jones, it must be pointed out that from 1920 until today, golf clubs and other golfing equipment has come a very long way.

Bobby Jones had no choice but to use golfing equipment that was substantially inferior to the equipment manufactured today.

For example: today’s golf drivers are able to hit the ball a good 10-15% or more farther than those manufactured in Bobby Jone’s day.

Today’s golf ball is wound a lot tighter than those Bobby Jones hit.

The Nike balls used by Tiger, and the Titleist Pro V, used by Phil Mickelson, travel about 30-40 yards further than those of Bobby Jones era.

However, despite the inferior balls and clubs he used, Jones could hit the ball 300 yards in his day.

Consider also, the golf course.

Now many of you are probably thinking, that the courses today, are a little longer. This is true. However, today’s courses are set up today to promote better scoring (except the 4 Majors).

This has been done to satisfy spectators thirst for seeing more birdies.

Finally, I believe, the players from Jones era were at one other major disadvantage.

See what the players today would score, if you took away all the wedges!

This all around popular club, is a major reason for todays players being able to get the ball up and down from any where around and near the green.

I wonder how well Tiger would do, having no choice but a nine iron from a tight lie, from a greenside bunker.

And yet that’s the only choice Bobby Jones had.

As far as the putter is concerned, the Calamity Jane was Jones choice for a putter, however, todays market of putters is superior in accuracy and construction.

Even, with inferior equipment, compared to todays standards, Jones was
able to shoot fairly low scores.

While we may never know who was the greatest, it creates great food for thought… and makes for great conversation… comparing these 2 golfing immortals!

Dave Mark

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